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At the age of 12, the Rottweiler grabbed my attention and I haven't looked back since. At 16 years old I purchased my first Rottweiler puppy, "Hector". After many years of studying this great breed, I was fortunate enough to live in Germany, the heart of this great breeds origin.

While in Germany I attended numerous shows, both conformation and working and actually saw many of the great German Rottweiler Champions, German Rottweiler stud dogs, Foundation female Rottweilers and their progeny. By being able to witness the consistency and inconsistency of many different German Rottweiler studs in what they reproduced, I have been able to get an excellent grasp on many different bloodlines genotype and phenotype.

Osyrus vom Schwarzbachtal, our male Rottweiler stud is pairing between two excellent bloodlines. We needed in our progam, beauty, conformation, and working abilities. The kennel in Germany we purchased our male Rottweiler from is well known and has very high driven dogs for Schutzhund, and the conformation needed to show in the ADRK Klubshow.

I have been a Rottweiler owner for more than 28 years and have imported many very nice Rottweilers. At Schwarzbachtal Kennels (black-stream-valley) located in the Maryland, Virginia and Delaware area our goal is to produce the best overall Rottweiler possible, a Rottweiler with big bones, excellent head type, powerful body yet athletic with good working ability and solid nerves.

These Rottweilers will exhibit outstanding confirmation and the ability to work and compete on the Schutzhund field as well as in the AKC arena. It is imperative that these animals are temperamentally sound and socially capable of being an intricate part of our everyday families. Our German Rottweiler puppies for sale in maryland have large bone and substance. The puppies have excellent drive for working and conformation shows, but can be loving for just a pet. As rottweiler breeders in maryland we have also sold several Rottweiler puppies in Virginia and other US states.